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Bucket List Grand Rapids Photo Session

My family used to always take weekend vacations to Grand Rapids to go to the Frederic Meijer Gardens. We would see the butterfly house and always getting a picture with the giant horse statue outside. Then we started attending Art Prize every year as well, and I was always so fascinated with the BOB, the Blue Bridge, and the Art Museum.

Recently I was able to do an engagement session in downtown Grand Rapids for Sam and Adam. They were initially willing to travel to Saginaw for their photos but had just moved outside of GR and were loving it. In the middle of our session on the Blue Bridge I told them they were fulfilling my Grand Rapids photo dreams so I thought I'd share some places we took photos with all of you!

1. Nishnabe Gemaw / Riverwalk Ah Nab Awen Park outside of the Gerald R Ford Museum where we found some beautiful street art.

2. The Blue Bridge (someone please tell me if it has an actual name) and a random parking garage next to it that Scott and I parked in.

3. Founder's Brewing Co. mostly to get lunch, but we also snagged a couple pics.

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