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Good Friday in Downtown Saginaw

My friend Abby and I not only had the privilege to see a Bald Eagle this day, but we also were honored to photograph Emerald and Travis Christensen's wedding. No I'm not joking, we saw it as a sign of good luck... that is until she took out part of her car jumping a curb while trying to follow the bridal party bus, it's a long story.

We started the afternoon with a few first looks and private vows (while plenty of cars passing by honked and congratulated the couple) on the side of the church. The ceremony started with a long list of things that have happened on April 15th in the past like the Titanic's voyage and good ole Abe Lincoln's last theater show, but we finally got to "oh yeah it's Good Friday this year, but sure you can still have your wedding in the church!"

For bridal party portraits I dubbed Ojibway Island the Windy City because it was freezing for mid April. Luckily we survived photos and speeches before getting dinner at 8pm, yes everyone was starving lol. The DJ started the reception festivities during final call for food and it was a party from there on out.

I've never seen a couple high five after getting down the aisle but I really thing that sealed the deal and I wish Emerald and Travis a lifetime of happiness. Please enjoy some highlights from their day just one month ago.

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