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Happily Ever Simpson

Kayla and Anthony had to switch their wedding plans so many times and there were some mishaps along the way, but their day could not have ended on a higher note. These two are so madly in love with each other and Jesus, it's truly a beautiful thing. First, the boys and I got to have a little photo shoot in downtown Howell before the ceremony. Then the main event was held in a little clearing on a path in Kayla's parent's backyard (which y'all I am jealous of some of these backyards I've been to for recent weddings!) One of bridesmaids performed their first dance live, and that song is still playing in my head. The night ended with a fun sparkler send off for the newlyweds. No covid wedding is probably what any bride or groom imagined, but these two made the absolute best of everything. God definitely hand picked Kayla and Anthony for each other.

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