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The Ultimate Guide to Senior Photos

Senior photos are one of the most exciting parts of your senior year, and not just because it’s a chance to dress up and feel like a model for a day. It’s also a time to document this special moment in your life as you prepare to move on to the next chapter. Kennedy graduated in June 2023 as a National Honor Society student at Frankenmuth High School, since then she has been studying abroad in Germany.

Senior Photos

There are a few things to keep in mind for your senior photos. You want to be able to relax and have fun so make sure you are comfortable in the outfits you chose! Don’t be afraid to bring props or accessories to your photo shoot. This is a chance to show off your personality and style, so bring your favorite hat, scarf, or jewelry. You can also bring items that represent your hobbies or interests, such as a guitar or a book.

Next, think about the location. Do you want to take your photos in a studio or out in nature? Both options have their benefits, so choose what feels right for you. Remember to have fun! This is a special moment in your life, so let loose and enjoy yourself. Take silly photos, strike a dramatic pose, and most importantly, be yourself. Your senior photos should reflect who you are right now, so don’t try to be anyone else.

Senior Photos

In the end, getting senior photos is all about celebrating this exciting time in your life. Documenting who you are and what you’ve accomplished is an important part of growing up, and senior photos are a fun and meaningful way to do just that.

After receiving this gallery, Kennedy's mom said "this is exactly what we hoped for!" and Kennedy was thrilled to have pictures of herself that she could post too! So, grab your favorite outfit and strike a pose – this is your moment to shine! Ready to book your senior photos? Do so, here.

Please enjoy the rest of Kennedy's senior photo gallery below!

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