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Boudoir by Cassidy


My Boudoir

To show anyone they can love their bodies just the way they are in that moment. You don’t need to lose weight before your session, you don’t need to have a partner that is getting these images as a gift. You just need to see your body as the beautiful art that it is. Body is a canvas. Every freckle, scar, stretch mark, dimple, etc. is proof that you’ve lived. I am also learning every day how to love my body more and take better care of myself. I have struggled with being “bigger” my entire life so plus size inclusion is a big deal to me. When someone leaves their session with confidence it makes me confident too, to know I am in the right job field.

Cassidy did such an amazing job with my boudoir session. There wasn't a time that I felt uncomfortable, she made me feel beautiful. Not to mention my husband LOVES the photos! He can't stop looking at them!!

Who are boudoir sessions for? As Pitbull once said "this is for anybody going through tough times." You can be a new mother, bride to be, wanting to show off a new tattoo or hair cut, or really anyone needing a self confidence boost!

How much does it cost? Sessions are $275 for one hour in the studio and you can do 2-3 outfits. You'll receive 25+ images in a digital gallery edited both in black and white as well as color.

Where do you shoot? I have access to rent studio spaces in Gaylord and Bay City. We can pick what's best for you based on location and style! Airbnbs, hotels, and the great outdoors are also options but pricing will vary.

What should I wear? You don't have to own lacy lingerie to do a boudoir session. Bring your favorite bodysuit, a pair of jeans and a bralette, one of your partner's dress shirts. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy and your best!


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