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Date Night Idea: Engagement Photos

Date Night Idea: Engagement Photos

Do you feel awkward in front of the camera? Don’t worry, it is way more common than you think! Turning your engagement photos into a date night might be the idea for you. Because why settle for ordinary when you can transform your pre-wedding pics into a memory that's as magical as your love story?

Turn up the charm by making your photo session a full-fledged date night. Hit up happy hour to ‘loosen up’ beforehand. After you've captured those lovey-dovey shots, keep the momentum going with a dinner reservation at that cute restaurant you've been dying to try, or stop for ice cream at the shop around the corner from this beach. Modeling is hard work, treat yourself, you deserve it!

Feeling comfortable is one of the most important things when taking photos. Wearing something that you have to keep adjusting, pulling, and stretching is going to make you not only feel uncomfortable but it will also make you look uncomfortable in your photos. I always suggest bringing a couple of outfits that are true to your style and that you feel 100% comfy in. Bring one more casual and one more dressy.

Don't be afraid to let your personalities shine through during the shoot. Whisper sweet nothings, dance like nobody's watching, and steal those tender glances that are only meant for each other. Candid moments have a way of capturing your love in its purest form, and they'll make your engagement photos truly one-of-a-kind.

I love to do a variety of static poses and moving prompts to give you an array of images to choose from. Especially with the motion blur trend that is popular with photographers right now is incredibly fun to execute. Don’t forget that I have an associate photographer, so if you love my style but I’m not available for the date of your engagement shoot or even your wedding, you can still work with my team, just like Brooke and Brandon did!

Are you ready to turn your engagement session into a date night? Contact me, here.

Please enjoy the rest of Brooke & Brandon’s Engagement photos below.

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